1999 Divergent League Season

Divergent League 1999 All-Star Break Standings

* denotes player-controlled team

AL East

Yankees 56-39 *

Red Sox 56-40 *

Blue Jays 55-42 *

Orioles 50-47

Rays 33-64

Al Central

Tigers 56-41 *

Twins 53-45

Guardians 48-49

Royals 42-55

White Sox 41-55 *

AL West 

Astros 55-40 *

Mariners 51-47 *

Rangers 49-48

Athletics 48-49

Angels 36-60

NL East

Mets 54-42 *

Braves 52-45

Marlins 49-47

Expos 47-50 *

Phillies 39-57

NL Central

Reds 59-37 *

Brewers 51-44

Cubs 43-53 *

Pirates 40-56

Cardinals 38-59

NL West

Diamondbacks 59-37 *

Dodgers 51-45 *

Giants 50-45 *

Padres 47-50

Rockies 38-58

Hardship Draft

Divergent League doesn’t stop at the Player Draft, we also do a second pick for the bottom 20% of teams in the league by win % at the All-Star Break. This year the 3 Hardship Draft teams are:

  • Chicago White Sox
  • Chicago Cubs
  • Montreal Expos

The managers of these teams will be able to pick any player from any non-player controller team to add to their roster, starting immediately after the All-Star Game. It’s going to be an interesting last half of the season!

1999 Divergent League Season

Game Day June 29th 2023: Rangers .vs. White Sox

Watch on YouTube

Our next game broadcast is set for Thursday, June 29th 2023 with the Texas Rangers taking on the Chicago White Sox. Watch along live on YouTube at 12:30pm Pacific time.

This will be the last game shown before 1999 All-Star Weekend, with the Home Run Derby and All-Star Game being broadcast this weekend, followed by the Hardship Draft.

1999 Divergent League Season

Divergent League ’99 GameDay – 6/27/23

We’re back! The Commish apologizes for the time dilation, there. But the 1999 season marches onward, almost a year after our last broadcast game.

The Arizona Diamondbacks take on the Cincinnati Reds this Tuesday, June 27th at 12:30pm Pacific / 3:30pm Eastern on our YouTube channel at and on RetroStrange TV at

The game will be archived on the YouTube channel if you miss the live broadcast but want to watch later.