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Divergent League Baseball 1999 ALCS and NLCS Begins + Podcast Info

The Divergent League 99 postseason rolls on, and we’re into the League Championship Series. A quick reminder on where we stand:

  • In the NLDS The New York Mets defeated the Montreal Expos 3-0
  • In the NLDS the Cincinnati Reds defeated the Arizona Diamondbacks in 5 games.
  • In the ALDS the New York Yankees defeated the Boston Red Sox in 5 games.
  • In the ALDS the Houston Astros defeated the Detroit Tigers in 5 games.

That means our NLCS match-up is the Mets .vs. the Reds and our ALCS match-up is the Yankees .vs. the Astros. Our first games broadcast tonight at 3:00pm Pacific, starting with Mets .vs. Reds Game 1 on the Official Divergent League YouTube account.

The Commish is also posting all postseason games from here on out as an audio-only podcast, available wherever you get podcasts.

By Phil Nelson

Phil Nelson, aka The Commish.

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