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Divergent League Baseball Signup For Next Season

The Divergent League Baseball 1999 Season Logo. Two crossed baseball bats at 45 degree angles in the center with 19 and 99 on the left and right sides respectively. A baseball is overlaid on the top right of one bat.

Returning managers and hopefuls: Now is the time to signal your interest in the next season of Divergent League Baseball. We haven’t yet decided what the new season will be, or if we’ll upgrade to MLB The Show 2021. Time will tell!

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1993 Divergent League Baseball Season Divergent League Baseball

1993 Divergent League Baseball Postseason Schedule

Welcome to our 5th Divergent League Baseball Postseason, folks! This season we’ll be doing things a bit differently, with 2 games being broadcast each Tuesday and Friday night starting at 6:45pm PDT.

Tuesday’s games will be our Wild Card matches: Expos .vs. Phillies and Tigers .vs. Blue Jays.

Update: We ended up doing just one game and pushing the other to Wednesday. Weds at 7:15pm we’ll broadcast Jays .vs. Tigers!

The Commish will be holding office hours in Discord during the games, we hope you’ll drop in to root root root for the home team.

The official calendar has been updated with the new days and times.

Divergent League Baseball Divergent League Info

Next Season Signup Form

Howdy folks, your Commish here, with a short announcement about the future of Divergent League. Yes, we’re coming back. Yes, soon. Use the new signup form to be notified when the season will start, and to signal your intent to play!

Current Patrons will be allowed into the next season automatically, but should fill out the form anyway so I have your contact info. The season will cost $10 per team. That money will cover the Bip Roberts Memorial Cup Even Though He’s Still Alive, and some time-period-specific league swag.

1977 Leaguers: Your swag is still on the way! At this rate you’ll get it around the same time as the coming season…

Divergent League Baseball Divergent League Info

The Divergent League Baseball Calendar

I’ve set up a Google Calendar that will always have the current Divergent League streaming schedule. In the postseason, which starts soon, it will include the names of the teams participating and who is leading the series.