1987 Divergent League Baseball Season

1987 League Managers and Draft Picks

  • Travis: Astros – John Franco from Reds
  • Austin: Tigers – Tony Gwynn from Padres
  • George: Cubs – Bo Jackson from the Royals
  • Phil: Mets – Cal Ripken Jr from Orioles
  • Nick: Brewers – Bret Saberhgen from the Royals
  • Gary: Red Sox – Dave Winfield from Yankees
  • Justin: Athletics – Eric Davis from Reds
  • Charles: Expos – Orel Hershiser from LA
  • Sandy: Twins – Willie Randolph from Yankees
  • Jess: Blue Jays – Juan Samuel from the Phillies
  • Ev: Cardinals – Steve Badrosian from Phillies
  • Hank: Giants – Mike Schmidt from the Phillies

Hardship Draft

Bottom 20% of league by win/loss:

  • Twins: Benito Santiago – Padres
  • Cubs: Bob Welch – Dodgers
  • Blue Jays: John Kruck – Padres
  • Austin: Tigers – Tony Gwynn from Padres

1987 American League All-Stars

  • SP Roger Clemons (Red Sox)
  • C Terry Steinbach (As)
  • 1B Darrell Evans (Tigers)
  • 2B Lou Whitaker (Tigers)
  • 3B Carney Lansford (As)
  • SS Alfredo Griffin (As)
  • LF George Bell¬† (Blue Jays)
  • CF Ellis Burks (Red Sox)
  • RF Kevin Bass (Astros)
  • Closer Steve Ontiveros (Red Sox)

1987 National League All-Stars

  • SP Bob Welch (Dodgers)
  • C Benito Santiago (Padres)
  • 1B John Kruk (Padres)
  • 2B Ryne Sandberg (Cubs)
  • 3B Bobby Bonilla (Pirates)
  • SS Ozzie Smith (Cardinals)
  • LF Tim Raines (Expos)
  • CF Andy Van Slyke (Pirates)
  • RF Dale Murphy (Braves)
  • ¬†Closer Tom Niedenfuer (Dodgers)

1987 Postseason

1987 League Brackets

AL Wild Card: Los Angeles Angels .vs. Kansas City

ALDS: Houston .vs. New York Yankees

ALDS: Kansas City .vs. Detroit

ALCS: ??

NL Wild Card: Los Angeles Dodgers .vs. Washington

NLDS: Chicago Cubs .vs. San Francisco Giants

NLDS: Washington .vs. New York Mets

NLCS: Chicago Cubs .vs. ??

1987 World Series

The Cubs defeated the ??