1993 Divergent League Baseball Season Divergent League Baseball

1993 Divergent League Update Week 5 – All Star Weekend Stats & Standings

All-Star Rosters

1993 All-Star Game Roster List

The All-Star Game broadcasts tomorrow, Feb 13, at 6:00pm PST.

Hardship Draft

The Hardship Draft winners have been chosen, and will make their picks in this order:

  1. New York Mets
  2. New York Yankees
  3. Seattle Mariners

A lot of players are in… play this year, so we could see some big changes in the second half. Look for the picks to be announced this evening during the Home Run Derby.

Home Run Derby

Here are the seeds for tonight’s Home Run Derby:

  1. Mark McGwire
  2. Frank Thomas
  3. Rafael Palmiero
  4. Fred McGriff
  5. Barry Bonds
  6. Andre Dawson
  7. Matt Williams
  8. Mike Piazza

Join us starting at 6pm PST for some Dingers tonight at


AL East

  • CPU – Orioles – 62-35, 1st
  • Seamus – Blue Jays – 46-51, 16GB, 2nd
    • OVR: 4th, CON: 13th, PWR: 9th, PITCH: 7th, DEF: 10th, SPD: 13th
  • Liam – Yankees – 42-53, 19GB, 4th
    • OVR: 20th, CON: 6th, PWR: 19th, PITCH: 20th, DEF: 17th, SPD: 30th

AL Central

  • Travis – White Sox – 57-39, 1st
    • OVR: 1st, CON: 4th, PWR: 6th, PITCH: 8th, DEF: 4th, SPD: 1st
  • Tony – Tigers – 56-41, 1.5GB, 2nd
    • OVR: 22nd, CON: 8th, PWR: 18th, PITCH: 26th, DEF: 16th, SPD: 25th
  • Dan – Royals – 55-44, 2.5GB, 3rd
    • OVR: 2nd, CON: 2nd, PWR: 5th, PITCH: 2nd, DEF: 22th, SPD: 8th

AL West

  • Austin – Rangers – 50-47, 3.0GB, 3rd
    • OVR: 18th, CON: 19th, PWR: 11th, PITCH: 16th, DEF: 19th, SPD: 26th
  • Sandra – Mariners – 43-55, 10.5GB, 4th
    • OVR: 11th, CON: 18th, PWR: 2nd, PITCH: 24rd, DEF: 2nd, SPD: 24th

NL East

  • Derek L – Phillies – 64-32, 1st
    • OVR: 6th, CON: 1st, PWR: 10th, PITCH: 6th, DEF: 24th, SPD: 4th
  • Charles – Expos – 60-37, 4.5GB, 2nd
    • OVR: 7th, CON: 11th, PWR: 23rd, PITCH: 4th, DEF: 8th, SPD: 9th
  • Derek – Braves – 57-40, 7.5, 3rd 
    • OVR: 3rd, CON: 20th, PWR: 15th, PITCH: 1st, DEF: 9th, SPD: 27th
  • Phil – Mets – 33-63, 32.5, 4th
    • OVR: 16th, CON: 21st, PWR: 12th, PITCH: 10th, DEF: 7th, SPD: 12th

NL Central

  • Cardinals – CPU – 61-36, 1st
  • Gary – Cubs – 49-47, 10.5GB, 3rd
    • OVR: 14th, CON: 15th, PWR: 16th, PITCH: 17th, DEF: 5th, SPD: 15th
  • George – Reds – 43-53, 17.5gb, 5th
    • OVR: 12th, CON: 16th, PWR: 24th, PITCH: 13th, DEF: 3th, SPD: 3rd

NL West

  • Henry – Giants – 50-44, 1st
    • OVR: 5th, CON: 14th, PWR: 13th, PITCH: 5th, DEF: 1st, SPD: 7th
1993 Divergent League Baseball Season Divergent League Baseball

This Weekend is 1993 Divergent League All-Star Weekend

Howdy sports fans, you may have noticed that we skipped yesterday’s scheduled games. We’re adjusting the streaming schedule a bit this week to accommodate the upcoming All-Star Weekend festivities. Here’s the schedule for this week:

Tuesday, February 9

  • 6:00pm: Two games from the season, from late June / early July
  • Afterward: Hardship Draft teams reveal

Friday, February 12

  • Hardship Draft
  • All-Star Roster Reveal
  • 6:00pm: Home Run Derby

Saturday, February 13

  • 6:00pm: All-Star Game

We hope you’ll join us at the usual place,