1993 Divergent League Baseball Season

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Divergent League’s take on 1993 ran from January 11th 2021 to May 11th 2021- our longest season ever. Travis Timm’s Chicago White Sox won it all. This season saw the first episode of Divergent League Update, our beloved podcast.

1993.A (by Divergent League reckoning) featured the Longest Game in Divergent League History, and also saw the biggest trade in Divergent League History aka “The Trade” in which Devon White and Paul Molitor went to the New York Mets, while Dwight Gooden and Robert Bonilla became Toronto Blue Jays.

The 1993 Divergent League Baseball Owners and Draft

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  • Seamus – Blue Jays – Rickey Henderson
  • Henry – Giants – Pete Harnish
  • Derek L – Phillies – Mark Langston
  • Tony – Tigers – Tony Gwynn
  • Charles – Expos – Andres Galaraga
  • Austin – Rangers – Kenny Lofton
  • Gary – Cubs – Mark Portugal
  • Sandra – Mariners – Albert Belle
  • Travis – White Sox – Craig Biggio
  • Liam – Yankees – Danny Darwin
  • Derek – Braves – Mike Piazza
  • George – Reds – Bryan Harvey
  • Dan – Royals – Greg Vaughn
  • Phil – Mets – Cal Ripken Jr

1993 All-Star and Hardship Draft Results

Frank Thomas won the Home Run Derby and the NL won the All-Star Game 3-0.

  1. New York Mets selected Mark McGwire from the Athletics
  2. New York Yankees selected Kirby Puckett from the Twins
  3. Seattle Mariners selected Mike Mussina from the Orioles