Divergent League Info

All Divergent League Broadcasts Now Start at 4:30pm PDT

You heard it here first folks: Moving forward all Divergent League broadcasts will start at 4:30pm Pacific time, this gives our viewers on the west coast more of a chance to catch the show after work. These changes have been made on the Official Google Calendar.

1977 Divergent League Baseball Season Divergent League Baseball

Tomorrow: Games 1 of Astros .vs. White Sox, Red Sox .vs. Yankees

Divergent League Schedule:Game 1 of both Astros .vs. White Sox, Red Sox .vs. Yankees streaming Tuesday at 3:30pm PDT

Join us at Tuesday, August 25th starting 3:30pm PDT for both games, back to back.

Divergent League Baseball Divergent League Info

The Divergent League Baseball Calendar

I’ve set up a Google Calendar that will always have the current Divergent League streaming schedule. In the postseason, which starts soon, it will include the names of the teams participating and who is leading the series.