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1993 Divergent League Baseball Week 4 Podcast, Standings and Power Rankings

The Week 4 podcast is now up, embedded here and available anywhere you listen to podcasts:

1993 Divergent League Update, Week 4

Next weekend is All Star Weekend starting Friday February 12th with the Hardship Draft and continuing into Saturday’s Home Run Derby and All Star Game festivities. Check back here for the All Star rosters, and Home Run Derby qualifiers, next week.


AL East

  • CPU – Orioles – 52-25, 1st
  • Seamus – Blue Jays – 38-39, 14GB, 2nd
    • OVR: 4th, CON: 14th, PWR: 8th, PITCH: 7th, DEF: 10th, SPD: 13th
  • Liam – Yankees – 31-46, 21GB, 4th
    • OVR: 19th, CON: 6th, PWR: 18th, PITCH: 19th, DEF: 17th, SPD: 30th

AL Central

  • Tony – Tigers – 46-30, 1st
    • OVR: 22nd, CON: 10th, PWR: 19th, PITCH: 26th, DEF: 15th, SPD: 24th
  • Travis – White Sox – 45-32, 1.5GB, 2nd
    • OVR: 1st, CON: 3rd, PWR: 4th, PITCH: 8th, DEF: 3rd, SPD: 1st
  • Dan – Royals – 43-35, 4GB, 3rd
    • OVR: 2nd, CON: 2nd, PWR: 7th, PITCH: 2nd, DEF: 20th, SPD: 8th

AL West

  • Austin – Rangers – 42-36, 1.5GB, 3rd
    • OVR: 18th, CON: 19th, PWR: 11th, PITCH: 13th, DEF: 22nd, SPD: 25th
  • Sandra – Mariners – 34-44, 9.5GB, 5th
    • OVR: 11th, CON: 18th, PWR: 2nd, PITCH: 24rd, DEF: 2nd, SPD: 26th

NL East

  • Derek L – Phillies – 54-21, 1st
    • OVR: 6th, CON: 1st, PWR: 10th, PITCH: 6th, DEF: 23rd, SPD: 4th
  • Charles – Expos – 50-26, 4.5GB, 2nd
    • OVR: 5th, CON: 11th, PWR: 24th, PITCH: 4th, DEF: 7th, SPD: 9th
  • Derek – Braves – 42-34, 12.5, 3rd
    • OVR: 3rd, CON: 20th, PWR: 13th, PITCH: 1st, DEF: 9th, SPD: 27th
  • Phil – Mets – 22-54, 32.5, 5th
    • OVR: 15th, CON: 21st, PWR: 12th, PITCH: 10th, DEF: 8th, SPD: 12th

NL Central

  • Gary – Cubs – 37-40, 10.5GB, 4rd
    • OVR: 12th, CON: 13th, PWR: 16th, PITCH: 15th, DEF: 5th, SPD: 15th
  • George – Reds – 33-44, 14.5gb, 5th
    • OVR: 15th, CON: 16th, PWR: 23rd, PITCH: 15th, DEF: 4th, SPD: 3rd

NL West

  • Henry – Giants – 44-32, 1st
    • OVR: 7th, CON: 15th, PWR: 15th, PITCH: 5th, DEF: 1st, SPD: 7th

By Phil Nelson

Phil Nelson, aka The Commish.

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