1993 Divergent League Update 11


Howdy folks it’s Divergent League Update for Tuesday, March 30th 2021 but here in Divergent League it is October 7th 1993, and the Postseason Blues have claimed another team’s hopes, while one team ascends to the League Championship Series.

That’s right, the St. Louis Cardinals are out of it, felled by the San Francisco Giants in three games to become our first casualty of the 1993 Postseason. Two teams may join them tonight.

One of the strangest things about this postseason so far is the perilous situation the Chicago White Sox find themselves in- down 2-0 against those darn Blue Jays who simply will not die.

The 93 Jays are the first ever Divergent League team to lose a one-game playoff, then win a one-game playoff. They’ve thus far held the White Sox to a single home run, off the bat of Craig Biggio who the Sox acquired in the off season.

That’s not the only trade having an effect in this postseason, though- The Blue Jays had that massive deal with the Mets earlier in the season which resulted in Dwight Gooden and Bobby Bonilla moving to Toronto… the very same Gooden who won their one-game playoff against the Tigers.

Todd Stottlemyre will be on the hill for the Jays tonight, facing off against Wilson Alvarez for the Sox.

Elsewhere in the AL, the mighty Baltimore Orioles have a 2-1 lead on the Houston Astros. These are both CPU teams so we don’t really care about that.

Our other big series is Atlanta .vs. Montreal, where the Expos lead 2-1 on the Braves. Tom Glavine will starts for Atlanta, opposite Chris Nabholz for Montreal.

You can catch both games on https://twitch.tv/extrafuture at 5:30pm Pacific.

By Phil Nelson

Phil Nelson, aka The Commish. https://extrafuture.com

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