1993 Divergent League Update – Awards & Postseason Bracket


Howdy folks it’s Friday, March 12th 2021 but in Divergent League we are all the way back on September 30th, that’s right, it’s postseason time and today the Commish has your inside scoop on our playoff matchups.

But first let’s start this episode off right- with The Dingers!

This season’s home run king is Frank Thomas followed by Mark McGwire for the Mets. The Big Hurt led the bigs with 52 home runs, and Big Mac came in second with 47.

That is far from the last time you’re going to hear Frank Thomas’ name in this episode.

On the mound, the 1993 Cy Young Award winners are in- The American League winner is Randy Johnson for the Mariners, and in the NL Atlanta’s John Smoltz took the crown. Smoltz finished the season with a record of 17-7, 215 strike outs, and an ERA of 1.92. The Big Unit went 17-10 for the Ms with an ERA of 3.91 and his 268 strike outs led the majors.

Relievers of the year were Boston’s Jeff Russell and Philadelphia’s David West. West had an absurd 54 saves and a 1.60 ERA for the Phils.

Wade Boggs edged out Yankees Teammate Kirby Puckett for the AL Batting Title, finishing with a .365. In the National League the honors go to John Kruk, who batted .328 for the Phillies.

And now for the Most Valuable Players in each league. Congratulations to the White Sox Frank Thomas, and the Mets Mark McGwire on being the MVPs of their respective leagues. Thomas had 136 RBIs for the southsiders, with a .329 batting average. McGwire batted .312 with 121 RBIs for the last-place Mets.

You can find the Gold Glove and Silver Slugger winners on divergentleague.com

Taking a look at the playoff bracket, the Orioles and Astros will face off in one half of the ALDS, both CPU-controlled teams. In the AL Wild Card we’ll see the Blue Jays and Tigers face off with the winner going on to face the White Sox in the other Division Series.

On the National League side, the SF Giants and St. Lous Cardinals will face off in one NLDS matchup, with the Expos and Phillies facing off in the Wild Card. The winner will go on to face the Braves in the other NL Divisional Series.

You can catch the first games of each series, and the elimination games for all human-controlled teams streamed live on Twitch.

That’s all we have time for this week, folks! Join us this Sunday for our first Playoff games. I’m the Commish, and we’ll see you next time.

By Phil Nelson

Phil Nelson, aka The Commish. https://extrafuture.com

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