1993 Divergent League Update Week 2


Howdy folks, it’s Divergent League Update for Friday January 22nd, 2021. Here in Divergent League Baseball however it is April 26th 1993. We’ve played about 30 games and some divisional front-runners are definitely pulling away from the pack. There’s still a lot of baseball left to play, though.

The Astros Steve Finley’s reign of terror as baseball’s top powerhouse continues, as he leads the majors with 10 home runs. Coming up on his tail is White Sox slugger Frank Thomas with 9. They lead the AL. Matt Williams, Pete Incivalia, and Barry Bonds are tied for tops in the NL with 7.

Sticking with hitting, Braves rookie catcher Mike Piazza is putting on a clinic- his .421 average is good enough for tops in the NL. Over in the AL, Baltimore’s David Segui has a few points over him, leading the majors at .429.

Over in Ribbie Town, Athletics’ MVP Mark McGwire leads 28, with Chicago’s Frank Thomas and Rock Raines close behind with 27 and 25 respectively.

Over on the pitching side, the Expos Dennis Martinez and Boston hurlers Frank Viola and Roger Clemens lead baseball with 5 wins each. Boston’s Jeff Russell leads in saves with 14.

Martinez and the Cubs Frank Castillo are both maintaining sub-1 ERAs, with a zany 0.76 for Castillo.

Bip Roberts Watch

The Bipper is having a slow start, batting just .244. His 7 steals are good enough for 8th in the National League.


AL East

  • Seamus – Blue Jays – 11-16, 8.5GB, 4th
    • OVR: 4th, CON: 3rd, PWR: 8th, PITCH: 9th, DEF: 4th, SPD: 3rd
  • Liam – Yankees – 8-20, 12GB, Last
    • OVR: 20th, CON: 9th, PWR: 18th, PITCH: 19th, DEF: 16th, SPD: 30th

AL Central

  • Travis – White Sox – 18-10, 1st
    • OVR: 1st, CON: 4th, PWR: 6th, PITCH: 7th, DEF: 3rd, SPD: 1st
  • Tony – Tigers – 14-13, 3.5GB, 2nd
    • OVR: 22nd, CON: 11th, PWR: 17th, PITCH: 26th, DEF: 15th, SPD: 25th
  • Dan – Royals – 12-14, 5.0GB, 4th
    • OVR: 2nd, CON: 2nd, PWR: 7th, PITCH: 2nd, DEF: 20th, SPD: 9th

AL West

  • Austin – Rangers – 14-12, 2GB, 3rd
    • OVR: 18th, CON: 20th, PWR: 12th, PITCH: 11th, DEF: 23rd, SPD: 26th
  • Sandra – Mariners – 13-16, 4.5GB, 4th
    • OVR: 10th, CON: 18th, PWR: 3rd, PITCH: 23rd, DEF: 2nd, SPD: 24th

NL East

  • Derek L – Phillies – 20-7, 1st
    • OVR: 7th, CON: 1st, PWR: 11th, PITCH: 8th, DEF: 22nd, SPD: 5th
  • Derek – Braves – 20-9, 1GB, 2nd
    • OVR: 3rd, CON: 19th, PWR: 15th, PITCH: 1st, DEF: 9th, SPD: 27th
  • Charles – Expos – 17-9, 2.5GB, 3rd
    • OVR: 6th, CON: 12th, PWR: 26th, PITCH: 3rd, DEF: 7th, SPD: 10th
  • Phil – Mets – 7-20, 13.0GB, Last
    • OVR: 11th, CON: 22nd, PWR: 9th, PITCH: 6th, DEF: 10th, SPD: 20th

NL Central

  • Pirates – CPU – 17-10, 1st
  • Gary – Cubs – 14-13, 3.0GB, 3rd
    • OVR: 15th, CON: 14th, PWR: 19th, PITCH: 16th, DEF: 6th, SPD: 14th
  • George – Reds – 9-17, 7.5GB, Last
    • OVR: 14th, CON: 16th, PWR: 24th, PITCH: 14th, DEF: 5th, SPD: 4th

NL West

  • Rockies – CPU – 14-12, 1st
  • Henry – Giants – 14-13, 0.5GB, 2nd
    • OVR: 5th, CON: 15th, PWR: 14th, PITCH: 5th, DEF: 1st, SPD: 8th

By Phil Nelson

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