1993 Divergent League Baseball Season Divergent League Baseball

1993 Divergent League Postseason Bracket

The bracket for the 1993 Divergent League Baseball season.

After the Blue Jays dramatic win over the Royals, we’ve got our Postseason picture. Congratulations to the Jays, Tigers, White Sox, Giants, Expos and Braves.

Matchups are as follows:

  • Orioles .vs. Astros
  • Blue Jays .vs. Tigers
    • Winner goes on to face the White Sox
  • Giants .vs. Cardinals
  • Expos .vs. Phillies
    • Winner goes on to face the Braves

This season has 3 non-player-teams: The Orioles, Astros, and Cardinals.

Divergent League Postseason coverage starts this Sunday at 4pm PST.