1993 Divergent League Baseball Season Divergent League Baseball

1993 Divergent League Baseball Update – Week 1

Howdy folks, it’s your commish here, with our first Divergent League Update for the 1993 Season. You can listen to this update here or subscribe to the feed:

Steve Finley leads the AL in dingers with 5 in just 8 games. Barry Bonds sits atop the NL with 4. Mark McGwire, Pete Incavilia and Barry Bonds are all tied for the lead in RBIs at 10. Rod Beck and Gregg Olson share the honors for most Saves with 5 so far. Andy Benes and David Cone take the top spots for Ks with at 21 for Benes and 19 for Cone.

On to the injury beat, so far everybody’s safe as houses. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Here are the standings (update: and power rankings. These rankings are from 1st to last in the league based on current ratings) for player teams with 1 week of games in the books:

  • Derek L – Phillies – 7-1, 1st NL East
    • 7th OVR. SPD: 4th, CON: 1st, PWR: 11th, PITCH: 8th, DEF: 11nd
  • Derek – Braves – 5-3, 2nd NL East
    • 3rd OVR. SPD: 28th, CON: 19th, PWR: 14th, PITCH: 1st, DEF: 9th
  • Charles – Expos – 4-3, 3rd NL East
    • 6th OVR. SPD: 10th, CON: 12th, PWR: 26th, PITCH: 3rd, DEF: 7th
  • Phil – Mets – 2-5, 4th NL East
    • 11th OVR. SPD: 21st, CON: 23rd, PWR: 9th, PITCH: 6th, DEF: 11th
  • CPU – Cardinals – 5-2, 1st NL Central
  • Gary – Cubs – 4-3, 2nd NL Central
    • 14th OVR. SPD: 14th, CON: 14th, PWR: 18th, PITCH: 17th, DEF: 5th
  • George – Reds – 1-6, Last NL Central (T)
    • 17th OVR. SPD: 5th, CON: 16th, PWR: 22nd, PITCH: 16th, DEF: 6th
  • Henry – Giants – 5-2, 1st NL West
    • 5th OVR. SPD: 8th, CON: 15th, PWR: 15th, PITCH: 5th, DEF: 1st
  • CPU Orioles – 7-0 1st NL East
  • Seamus – Blue Jays – 5-3, 2nd AL East
    • 4th OVR. SPD: 3th, CON: 3th, PWR: 8th, PITCH: 12th, DEF: 4th
  • Liam – Yankees – 1-6, Last AL East
    • 15th OVR. SPD: 30th, CON: 9th, PWR: 17th, PITCH: 11th, 17th
  • Travis – White Sox – 4-3, 1st AL Central (T)
    • 1st OVR. SPD: 1st, CON: 4th, PWR: 6th, PITCH: 7th, DEF: 3rd
  • Tony – Tigers – 4-3, 1st AL Central (T)
    • 18th OVR. SPD: 22, CON: 11, PWR: 10, PITCH: 26, DEF: 10
  • Dan – Royals – 3-3, 3rd AL Central
    • 2nd OVR. SPD: 9th, CON: 2nd, PWR: 7th, PITCH: 2nd, DEF: 21st
  • Sandra – Mariners – 6-2, 1st AL West
    • 10th OVR. SPD: 26th, CON: 17th, PWR: 3rd, PITCH: 23rd, DEF: 2nd
  • Austin – Rangers – 5-3, 2nd AL West
    • 16th OVR. SPD: 11th, CON: 10th, PWR: 1st, PITCH: 14th, DEF: 29th

We’ll be back next week and every week of the season with more Divergent League Update.