1999 Divergent League Season

Divergent League 1999 Team Selection & Draft Results

The 1999 Divergent League Baseball season is in full… swing! There was a big deal struck between the Expos and Red Sox but first let’s take a look at the final team selection and draft picks from last week’s big draft. Here’s how it shook out:

  • Tony – Arizona Diamondbacks – Kevin Millwood
  • Liam – New York Yankees – John Smoltz
  • Dan – Toronto Blue Jays – Chipper Jones
  • George – Chicago Cubs – Roberto Alomar
  • Me – New York Metropolitans – Greg Maddux
  • Derek L – Seattle Mariners – Tim Hudson
  • Travis – White Sox – Curt Shilling
  • Joseph – Detroit Tigers – Mark McGwire
  • Austin – Boston Red Sox – Mike Mussina
  • Charles – Montreal Expos – Brian Giles
  • Henry – San Francisco Giants – Bartolo Colon
  • Sandy – Cincinnati Reds – Tom Glavine
  • Gary – Los Angeles Dodgers – Larry Walker
  • Derek J – Houston Astros – Ivan Rodriguez

Red Sox & Expos Do A Draft Day Deal

It’s already proving to be a wild season, with a trade being pulled off by the Expos and Red Sox. The Red Sox sent Brent Saberhagen (P) to the Expos for Manny Martinez (CF) and Michael Barrett (3B, C).

By Phil Nelson

Phil Nelson, aka The Commish.

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