1977 Divergent League Baseball Season Divergent League Baseball

1977 Divergent League Baseball Postseason Gameday: Reds .vs. Pirates Game 6 – 10/01

Welcome to October, Divergent Leaguers. Both of our League Championship Series games have gone to Game 6. The Yankees took one from the White Sox on Tuesday, making that series 3-2 White Sox. With that loss The White Sox are in danger of a collapse of Dodgers-like proportions, having gone from 3-0 to 3-2.

Game 6 of Reds .vs. Pirates broadcasts tonight- can the Bucs hang on, or will the Big Red Machine eat them up? Join us live on our Twitch channel at 4:30pm PDT to find out.

Update: The Reds have beaten the Pirates and won the NLCS 3-2. They go on to the World Series.

1977 Divergent League Baseball Season Divergent League Baseball

1977 Divergent League Baseball Postseason Gameday: Reds .vs. Pirates Game 5 – 9/27

The Reds and Pirates face off in their back-and-forth tussle for the National League Championship with the series tied 2-2. The Reds were riding high after their defeat of the clear favorite Philadelphia Phillies, but the Pirates have shown they’re here to stay. Join us for live Divergent League action at 4:30pm PDT on

Update: The Reds have won, making the series 3-2. Game 5 of Yankees / White Sox broadcasts Tuesday at 4:30pm PDT.

1977 Divergent League Baseball Season Divergent League Baseball

1977 Divergent League Baseball Postseason Game Day 9/24/2020

The Yankees have beaten the White Sox 7-3 in ALCS game 4, making the series 3-1 with the White Sox leading. The game is available in the game archives on Twitch.

Reds .vs. Pirates Game 5 streams tomorrow at 4:30pm PDT. That series is tied 2-2. Update: Due to moving issues, this game has been delayed to 9/27.

1977 Divergent League Baseball Season Divergent League Baseball

1977 Divergent League Baseball Postseason Game Day 9/15

The White Sox and Yankees are 1-1 in the AL, while the Pirates lead 2-0 on the Reds in the NL.

With 2 games each under our belt in the 1977 League Championship Series we’ve got the Pirates with a surprising 2-0 lead on the Reds while the White Sox are up 2 games on the Yankees. Game 3s broadcast today starting with Reds / Pirates at 3:30pm PDT live on

Update: The White Sox and Reds won their game 3s, making the ALCS 3-0 White Sox and the NLCS 2-1 Pirates. Game 4 streams Thursday.

1977 Divergent League Baseball Season Divergent League Baseball

1977 Divergent League Baseball Postseason Update: League Championship Series

It’s getting serious, now. Our American League Championship Series sees the Yankees face the White Sox and in the National League Championship Series the Pirates take on the Reds. The White Sox have gone up 1-0 on the Yankees, with Pittsburgh taking a 1-0 series lead on the Reds.

Divergent League Baseball Postseason games will broadcast Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, 1 game each night leading up to the World Series to see who wins the prized Bip Roberts Memorial Cup Even Though He’s Still Alive.

Happy trails to the Dodgers, who lost a heartbreaker to the Pirates for the last NLDS spot and the Red Sox who lost in a replayed-due-to-PS4-power-loss ALDS game 5 to the Yankees. The White Sox defeated the CPU-controlled Astros.

Divergent League games can be streamed live, free, on

1977 Divergent League Baseball Season Divergent League Baseball

1977 Divergent League Postseason Division Series Update

Current 1977 Divergent League Postseason standings as of 9/11. Games broadcast today at

The Cincinnati Reds have pulled off the seemingly impossible task of stopping the Philadelphia Phillies, defeating the Phils 3-2 in the NLDS. They’ll go on to face the winners of Dodgers / Pirates game 5.

The Los Angeles Dodgers and the Pittsburgh Pirates are tied 2-2 in the other NLDS game, meaning one team will go home after today’s game. The Pirates are in the capable hands of staff ace Frank Tanana, and the Dodgers send Burt Hooton to the mound. Both pitchers lost their previous outings in the series.

Game 5 of Houston Astros, one of the two CPU-controlled teams left in the Postseason, and the Chicago White Sox (with regular-season MVP runner-up Oscar Gamble) will see Dave Frost (0-1) and Bob Knepper (0-1) battle for the ALDS. The White Sox are still without Lamar Johnson, who is awaiting a game-time doctor’s decision on his ability to play.

The Boston Red Sox, the other CPU-controlled team, have pulled to yet another 5-game series with the New York Yankees. What do you expect from Yankees / Red Sox? The Yanks send Dun Gullet to the mound against Rick Wise for the Sawks.

Our first game will start at 3:30pm PDT today, 11 September 2020 on

1977 Divergent League Baseball Season Divergent League Baseball

Tomorrow: Games 1 of Astros .vs. White Sox, Red Sox .vs. Yankees

Divergent League Schedule:Game 1 of both Astros .vs. White Sox, Red Sox .vs. Yankees streaming Tuesday at 3:30pm PDT

Join us at Tuesday, August 25th starting 3:30pm PDT for both games, back to back.

1977 Divergent League Baseball Season Divergent League Baseball

Wild Card Results! Plus: Game 1 of Phillies .vs. Reds, Dodgers .vs. Pirates Streams Tomorrow

Always bet on… Red? The Cubs and Royals were both eliminated from the 1977 Divergent League Postseason in close games: The Reds beat the Cubs 5-4 and the Red Sox kept George Brett and the Royals in check, winning 2-0. You can catch the replay on our Twitch channel.

The Division Series matchups are now solidified:

  • Houston .vs. Chicago White Sox
  • Boston .vs. New York Yankees
  • Los Angeles .vs. Pittsburgh
  • Cincinatti .vs. Philadelphia

Join us for Game 1 of Phillies .vs. Reds and Dodgers .vs. Pirates tomorrow at 3:30pm PDT.

1977 Divergent League Baseball Season Divergent League Baseball

1977 Divergent League Baseball Regular Season Wrap-up and Postseason Primer

The 1977 regular season is behind us but we’ve got a whole mess of Baseball left to play. This season was defined by the Central divisions in both leagues with high drama unfolding between the Expos and Cubs for the final NL Wild Card spot, and the battle for the AL Central between the White Sox and Royals being things we’ll talk about for a long time.

The Schedule

  • Friday, starting at 3:30pm PDT: Cubs .vs. Reds, Red Sox .vs. Royals
  • Sunday, starting at 3:30pm PDT: Game 1 of Phillies .vs. Winner of Cubs/Reds, Game 1 of Dodgers .vs Pirates
  • Tuesday: Game 1 of Yankees .vs. Winner of Red Sox / Royals, Game 1 of Astros .vs. White Sox

As always the Divergent League Baseball calendar is your friend.

The American League

The Royals and White Sox now both set their sights on different opponents: The two non-human-controlled teams in the Postseason, the Houston Astros and the Boston Red Sox. The Yankees, having won the AL East, await the winner of KC and Boston.

Kansas City ranked first in team batting average, hits, double, AND triples, saw star batting performances from Amos Otis, Rod Carew, and George Brett. Dennis Leonard was similarly stellar this season on the mound with 4 shutouts, 181 strikeouts, and 7 complete games all tops in the American League. 

The White Sox saw Oscar Gamble and Lamar Johnson emerged as an offensive powerhouses, each slugging over 30 home runs, 100 RBIs, and batting over 300. Johnson is out with a broken hand and expected to miss 2 weeks. Dave Frost led the Sox starting pitchers with 14 wins. The White Sox face the Astros in the the ALDS, with Game 1 being broadcast this Sunday. 

Houston, the other CPU team in the Postseason, won AL West by 5 games and were led by a Cy Young performance from Mark Lemongello, whose 23 wins led the Majors. The Trio of Watson, Cedeno, and Johnson each batted over 300, leading the small-ball ‘Stros offensively.

The Yankees, who won 101 games, decisively won the East by 13 games. Don Gullet and Dock Ellis lead the Yanks pitching, with Reggie Jackson batting .329 and Jeff Burroughs team-leading 34 dingers. Look for future Yankee manager Lou Piniella in Right field.

The National League

The NL sends the Dodgers, Pirates, and Phillies to the NLDS, with the Cubs and Reds battling in the Wild Card.

Bill Buckner emerged as the unlikely hero for the Cubbies in their battle first against the Pirates for the NL Central, and then with the Expos for the Wild Card. Bobby Bonds had an MVP-caliber season, socking 32 dingers, 108 RBIs, and swiping 42 bases for the men from Wrigley. Bruce Sutter, the Cubs closer, was as lights-out as it gets, holding a 2.18 ERA over 45 saved games.

The Reds flirted with the NL Central, but but squared into the Wild Card by 2 games over the Cubs. The Reds are the best Contact team in baseball, and feature an Hall of Fame lineup of Johnny Bench, Pete Rose, George Foster, and Joe Morgan. Foster, who bashed 24 homers for the Reds, suffered a broken arm in June and will miss the Wild Card game but could come back in the Divisional Series.

Pittsburgh won the battle for the NL Central with a league-leading , the most competitive division in the league. Staff aces John Candelaria won a best-in-the-bigs 21 games and an absurd 1.76 ERA in 245 innings of work, with Frank Tanana striking out 196 batters winning 16 games and sporting a 2.12 ERA. Rich “Goose” Gossage was strong out of the bullpen for the Bucs, gathering 49 saves and holding down a 1.40 ERA. Big Bill Robinson busted 35 dingers for the Pirates, 

The Phillies were far and away the best team in baseball, winning 116 games. Jim Rice, Greg Luzinkski, and Mike Schmidt each hit 40+ home runs and over 120 RBIs each. Steve Carlton led a killer staff, with 16 wins, 200 strikeouts, and a 2.36 ERA. Ron Reed snagged 49 saves for the Phils.

The Dodgers, always in the hunt but thus far unable to win the big one in Divergent League, crushed the NL West, winning the division by 15 games behind strong hitting of Dusty Baker, Phil Lovins, and Reggie Smith. Don Sutton had a typically HOF-caliber performance, going 13-5 with a 2.52 ERA. Burt Hooton also delivered big on the mound for LA, winning a team-leading 16 games. The Dodgers enter the postseason without slugger Reggie Smith and his 34 homers, as he tore his achilles and won’t make it back for this year.

Join us today starting at 3:30pm PDT for some Divergent League Postseason Baseball on

1977 Divergent League Baseball Season Divergent League Baseball

The 1977 Divergent League Baseball Postseason Begins This Friday!

After the exciting conclusion to the NL Wild Card race, the 1977 Divergent League Baseball postseason begins this Friday August 21st!

  • Join us starting at 3:30pm PDT Friday for Red Sox .vs. Royals and Cubs .vs. Reds in AL and NL Wild Card games. The winners of these two games will go on to the Divisional Series.
  • The winner of Red Sox .vs. Royals will go on to face the Yankees in the ALDS, and the winner of Cubs .vs. Reds will face the Phillies in the NLDS.
  • The best-of-5 Divisional Series Games begin with the Dodgers .vs. Pirates and Astros .vs. White Sox.

All of these games will be streamed live, free, at

More Divergent League Postseason Info

During the Postseason, we stream the first game of every series featuring a human-controlled team, and then skip games unless one team is in danger of being eliminated up to the World Series. We stream every game of the World Series. That’s a minimum of 22 postseason games with the current system.

Bits and Cheering

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